December 06, 2005

Someone Needs a Sound Flogging

The General has unleashed his heavy artillery on the stupid Bureaucrats that run our school system. This is a point by point fisking epic ripping apart all that stand in his way.
Proof that the state run education system is the hands of unreconstructed wreckers who care more about their dreams of a socially-engineered utopia than for the children in their care is embodied in this woman.

I have VERY strong views on this topic. It is insane that teacher training and policy-making appears still to be in the hands of total morons.
read it all.


Blogger The Pedant-General said...

Chris, Many thanks for the link. Pleased you enjoyed it. This post was spotted by the site administrator at the RRF, which gave me a very nice boost to my traffic stats. :-)


Given the topic, you could at least have chosen a quote from the piece that didn't have a word missing.


Toodle Pip!

12:23 pm  

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